Skill Specific Clinics

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Accelerate Your Volleyball Skills with Skill Specific Clinics

Dive Deep into Specific Aspects of the Game

Volleyball is a complex sport with countless aspects to master and refine, making it challenging to focus on specific areas during regular classes, which cover a wide range of skills within a limited time frame.


Specialized Coaching for Rapid Improvement

To overcome this challenge, our Skill-Specific Clinics take a deep dive into a single core aspect of the game during each lesson. This approach provides players with ample time to enhance their skills under the tutelage of an experienced coach.

Example Session: Serving Mastery

For instance, a session focused on serving allows you to learn specialized serves and receive valuable serving tips from our expert coaches.

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Accelerate Your Improvement

By participating in this comprehensive program, you can significantly accelerate your improvement and rapidly progress towards playing at a competitive level.

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Individuals wishing to participate in the Term Program must hold a minimum VNSW Recreational Membership.

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