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Meet Our Expert Coaching Staff at Bossley Volley

Passionate and Qualified Volleyball Coaches

Our coaching staff at Bossley Volley is a blend of youth, experience, and an unwavering passion for volleyball. They are dedicated to developing players' skills and understanding of specific techniques and strategies related to the sport.

Fully Accredited and Safe Environment

All our coaches are fully qualified within Volleyball Australia’s accreditation structure and hold current Working with Children Check certifications. The only exception is when coaches are under the age of 18. Additionally, our coaches have completed COVID-19 safety training to ensure all members participate in a safe and supportive environment.


Our Coaches

Coach El-Miski

  • Level 1 Coaching Accredited
  • Began playing in high school in grade competitions, knockout, and state-wide tournaments
  • Played volleyball for approximately 24 years
  • Started playing club volleyball at age 14
  • Competed in the Australian Volleyball League (AVL) for 4 years
  • Competed in the Sydney Volleyball League (SVL) Premier Division for 14 years with Cedars Volleyball Club, UTS Volleyball Club, and Sydney Lions Volleyball Club
  • Competed overseas in tours of Korea, Lebanon, New Zealand, and Germany

Coach Soy

  • Level 2 Coaching Accredited
  • Began playing in high school in grade competitions, knockout, and state-wide tournaments
  • Represented NSW from U17s to U21s in Australian National Junior Championships
  • Represented various clubs in SVL and other Sydney-based competitions including Westside, Manly-Warringah, Liverpool Giants, UTS, and Sydney University teams
  • Participated in various community cultural-based sports competitions with Lebanese and Pacific-Islander club teams

Coach Peter

  • Level 1 Coaching Accredited
  • Former Captain of the U15s, U16s, U17s, and U19s State Team
  • Received All Stars Awards for each age category (twice in U16s & U17s)
  • Represented Australia in Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, Poland, Bahrain, and Iran for U17s, U19s, U20s, and U23s age groups
  • Competed in the Australian Volleyball League from 2016 to 2020

Coach Alberto

  • Level 2 Coaching Candidate
  • Began playing volleyball at six years old with "Approach to Sport" activities for young kids
  • Played 25+ years of volleyball and beach volleyball with various local clubs and the University Club in Milan
  • At 14, played for the local representative at the Regional Italian Tournament
  • Highest level achieved in Italy was C-Series

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