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Unsure of Your Skill Level?

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Are you interested in joining Bossley Volley but uncertain about your skill level? Fear not! Our club welcomes players of all experience levels, catering to beginners and seasoned athletes alike. Even if you consider yourself an Intermediate player elsewhere, you may start at the Fundamental level here. Our program is meticulously crafted to help you excel, transitioning seamlessly from Fundmanetal to Representative volleyball


Screening and Assessment

Upon joining, you'll undergo a free skill assessment in our Fundmanetal class. Our experienced coaches will evaluate your abilities, providing valuable feedback to guide your journey. If you believe you belong in a higher-level class, we're flexible. Before committing, you can opt for an assessment in the Intermediate or Advanced class. 

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Class Structure

Explore Our Two Distinct Categories:

  1. Development Programs: Enhance fundamental skills like spiking, setting, digging, serving, and blocking.
  2. Skill-Specific Clinics: Elevate your skills with intensive classes focusing on specific aspects like serving or blocking.

For optimal growth, we recommend booking one skill class and one intensive class weekly. Those committed to accelerated improvement can enrol in additional classes. 


Grading System

Classes are divided into Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Our grading system ensures accurate assessment and progression. Starting with basic techniques in the Fundamental class, players advance to refining skills and learning advanced strategies in the Intermediate class. Finally, in the Advanced class, players compete at a high level under expert guidance. 

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