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Elevate Your Game with Bossley Volley: Our Skill Development Program

Tailored Skill Development Program

Discover a 10 - 12 Week Journey to Volleyball Mastery

Bossley Volley offers a comprehensive Skill Development Program designed for individuals of all skill levels. Led by our highly qualified Coaching Team, this structured course focuses on technical skill acquisition and improvement. Whether you're an adult or a junior player, our program caters to your needs.

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Inclusive Environment for All Players

From Beginner to Advanced: Improve Your Game in a Fun Setting

Regardless of your skill level - beginner, intermediate, or advanced - Bossley Volley provides the perfect environment for you to enhance your volleyball skills. Our inclusive approach ensures that everyone can thrive and enjoy the game while striving for improvement.

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Pathways to Elite Performance

Reach Your Potential: Unlock Opportunities for Representative Volleyball

Joining our programs opens doors to elite athlete pathways, offering Representative opportunities to compete at the highest levels. Whether you dream of playing in the Sydney Volleyball League (SVL) or aiming for success at The State Cup, our programs pave the way for your journey.

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Program Overview

Explore Our Three Levels: Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced


  • Skill Level: Recommended for players who are new to the sport or have limited experience.
  • Program Description: Players learn each skill progressively throughout the program, culminating in gameplay sessions to reinforce learning.


  • Skill Level: Recommended for players with some experience and a solid understanding of Fundamental skills.
  • Program Description: Designed for players seeking to expand their skills, including mastering special serves and more challenging techniques.


  • Skill Level: Recommended for experienced players with a strong foundation in Fundamental skills.
  • Program Description: Tailored for players looking to refine their Intermediate skills and delve into advanced techniques and tactics, such as strategic combinations.

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Individuals wishing to participate in our Programs must hold a minimum VNSW Recreational Membership.

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