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How to Join Our Volleyball Programs | Step-by-Step Guide

The registration process may seem complex, but this guide will simplify it for you. Follow these steps to register and book your first volleyball class. If you have any questions, please contact our staff through the contact page.


Step 1: Register for Membership

Before enrolling in any volleyball program, you need at least a recreational membership, which covers your insurance as a student/player. If you're injured and need medical attention like physiotherapy, our sporting insurance will cover the costs. 

Note: The full membership is only for our highest representative-level athletes. If you haven't been selected for our representative team, you don't need this membership. 

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Step 2: Enroll in a Program

Our volleyball programs are divided to cater to different skill levels and learning needs. 

Development Programs

Enhance fundamental volleyball skills like spiking, setting, receiving, and serving through our comprehensive development programs. 

Skill-Specific Clinics

Focus on a single skill per class for in-depth learning. These clinics are perfect for athletes looking to master specific techniques.

Recommendation: Book at least one skill class each week. For faster progress, consider multiple classes. 

Learn About Your Progression


Step 3: Book Your Program

Enrol yourself or your child today! You can register week by week or for the entire program. We recommend booking the complete program to secure your spot as classes fill up quickly. 

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